Women's Hormones

Our period is our check in moment for the month... what is YOUR body trying to tell you?

Women's Hormones

Sophie is empowering mothers to take back control of their own lives, to reclaim the power they hold in their menstrual cycle, and experience life’s fullest pleasures. 

Not only is Sophie a mother herself who has already journeyed down this path of balancing hormones, but she now wants to share this knowledge with other mother's that its OK to take time for themselves, to lead a holistic life, where movement in the body, nutrition, and soul searching are all part of the building blocks to lead a balanced life.

Sophie is helping mothers to:

- Reduce painful periods

- Get rid of PMS symptoms

- Gain more energy

- Get better sleep and manage stress

- How to use their menstrual cycle to their advantage

- Have better moods, and feel emotionally balanced

- To find their superpowers (that every woman possesses)

- To break free of the diet culture of today, to learn to listen to their intuition, and find a healthy balance that works for a mum's individual lifestyle.


Lifestyle Program

12 weeks of 1:1 support for Mum's wanting a better relationship with their bodies & periods.

   - Balance your moods all month long

   - Reduce painful periods

   - Get rid of PMS symptoms

   - Learn to manage your stress anxiety naturally

   - Cook with confidence for your cycle

   - Have a better relationship with food

   - Increase your energy

   - Learn to manage your stress & get better sleep

   - Breathwork & Meditation Session included


PLUS over $100.00 in FREE content & items!


It’s everything I wished I’d learnt sooner - so now I want to empower women to take back control of their lives!

Investment = $2199.00
Payment plans available - enquire NOW