I offer a wide range of services, including personal training & fitness, Women's health, hormones & period support & breath work & meditation. 

Pillars of health & wellness, to have you living a more balanced, more joyful lifestyle.


Women's Hormone Health Coaching

Balance your hormones, so that you can stop feeling like a moody b**** and live more joyfully in every phase of your menstrual cycle.

Woman with Pilates Mat

Personal Training

Get a personalised workout plan in the comfort of home - BONUS I come to you if you're local!

Fit Woman

Online Personal Training

Receive personalised workout plans to execute in the comfort of home, in your own time! No need to make it to a PT time slot any longer... workout whenever & wherever you want!

Meditation Hand Gesture

Breath & Meditation

I facilitate a safe space for you to feel energetically & emotionally held, 
allowing your body to open up to healing & joy.The consistent practice of breath work strengthens our lung capacity, prepares the mind for deep meditation, and cultivates greater intensity of prana (the electricity of our life-force) within and around us.