Stress & Your Body

Do you ever feel stressed? Be honest with yourself… if you’re a mum like I am, you’re definitely stressed. Its become your new normal. You hardly sleep, you’re up early to fit all the “mum duties” in, and then you go to bed late, because you enjoy that peaceful time after the kids FINALLY go to bed (you know, after 10,000 glasses of water, then having to pee, being tucked in multiple times, before they finally pass out).

Or when you FINALLY get a night out with your partner or with your friends, WITHOUT the kids…. Pure heaven. So you knock back the glasses of alcohol, letting loose and having fun… but your body actually perceives this as STRESS. It seems in today's society, we just layer on the stressful situations. We continue to push through, because “hustling” has been glorified - If you’re not hustling honey, then you’re not “successful”, well that’s what everyone wants you to feel & believe. But truth is... we're all just walking around stressed & affecting our health & well-being, when we could be doing something about it. When you’re in a constant state of stress… your body doesn’t know how to SLOW DOWN & HEAL. Trust me, I’ve been there, and am currently in that state myself! Burning the candle at both ends trying to fit it all in… and even when you feel you're doing “everything” right, it might just not be enough... if you FEEL like something might not be right, then listen to your body and do something about it. Our bodies perceive any stress as STRESS – whether its drinking that cocktail or running from a tiger. And when our bodies are in a constant state of stress, basic body functions start to slow down or shut off, to preserve energy to save us. Our bodies think we need to run away from a dangerous situation (like running away from a bear), and doesn’t then know how to shut that system off. Our bodies are then constantly flooded with adrenalin & cortisol, and we are left feeling like we constantly want to “fight or flight”.... and trust me this isn't a good space to set yourself into.

When keeping your body in flight or fight mode, your body halts reproductive hormones, digestion, circulation & often will cause blockages in your elimination systems…. (think your toilet habits… yes they give you a clue into how your body actually feels!) With these elevated stress levels, we also start reaching for high carb or high sugar foods, usually processed and not nutrionally nourishing. Something that’s going to give us a rush of energy, only to have us crashing not long after. High cortisol levels are also linked to stomach fat in women…Sigh, can we ever win?! Feel like you have stubborn belly fat that just won’t seem to shift? You may be experiencing high cortisol levels, and not even know it! If you’ve been living in this state for a long time, you may feel its just “normal”, and until you start to feel better, you never know just how shitty you were feeling to begin with!

Did you know: Drinking coffee while sitting in your office working can release as much cortisol into you system as if you were running away from a tiger! Wowee… now that’s a heck of a response, don’t you think? And when a lot of mum's are relying on caffeine to get them through the day… we’re just constantly running on that hamster wheel of stress!

You can experience stress a multitude of ways: - Physical stressors, such as too much exercise, not enough exercise, lack of sleep, consuming too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol etc. - Mental stress, is just having too much on your plate: too many bills, kids homework, dinner menus, cooking, cleaning, remembering birthdays and the list goes on! - And emotional stress: not guarding your energy well. Spending time within toxic relationships, doing things that don’t bring you joy, but you feel you have to. So how do you switch the gears? Well we need to BOOST our FEEL GOOD HORMONES such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin & dopamine. But HOW do I do that, I hear you ask? Well come along for the ride over the next few weeks as I share the ways you can lower your stress levels, and come back into balance within yourself. There are so many ways we can bring back the joy to our lives, and bring down our stress hormones. We all deserve to feel 100% in our lives, to live life to the fullest, not just living to pay the bills. Life is here to be enjoyed, and we only have ONE, so you might as well enjoy it as much as possible, and stop running from those tigers every day of your life. ;)

Sophie xx

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