10 forms of self care

I’ve been speaking a lot about self care this month… and I mean REAL self care… not just taking 5 minutes to have a hot cup of tea type of care, but deep down meaningful change your day type care. As Mums, we so often put others first, our children, our husbands & partners, our work colleagues, our parents, our extended families, or even our clients, that we forget that the most important person is ourselves! I know you want to help take care of people, it’s part of your maternal instincts, but if you constantly forget to look after yourself, you’ll get to the point of burnout. You’ll be so exhausted all the time, that you’ll start to resent the very people you are trying to help care for!

If you’re everything to everyone else, you can’t be what you need for yourself. Read that again. So I’m going to touch on 10 things that are deep self care practices, that will soothe your mind, flush out excess cortisol, help re-balance hormones, and re-balance the mind body connection.

1. BREATHE! I’m not just talking about stopping and taking a few deep breaths… even though that’s better than nothing. I’m talking about conscious breathing, where you carve out time in your day where you intentionally change your breathing pattern. There are many forms of breathwork therapy that involve breathing in a conscious and systematic way. Finding a breath work practitioner who can guide you through a healing practice and meditation will be invaluable for your life. There’s breathing for energy, for cleansing the body, to relax, to de-stress… It’s powerful what your breath can do… and once you learn how, its FREE! (I’ll be certified very soon! Email me to enquire about sessions).

2. Listen to music. Put on the music you feel you need, and MOVE. Move your body to the flow, to the rhythm, or to the beat. Let whatever emotions have a hold of you to run their course, and move through you. Holding onto emotions causes tension within the body that we do not want to hold onto, so move it on Mumma!

3. Get your feet onto the earth. On grass, on dirt, on sand, get your bare feet touching the earth as often as you can. This absorbs healthy electromagnetic energy and connects you with the natural rhythms of the earth. Research also suggests physical contact with the Earth's surface can help regulate our autonomic nervous system and keep our circadian rhythms — which regulate body temperature, hormone secretion, digestion and blood pressure, among other things — synchronized with the day/night cycle

4. Exercise! We all know this one, but did you know you should exercise in the morning when your cortisol is naturally high. When you first wake up, your cortisol is at its highest in the day, so use it to your advantage! (unless you are suffering adrenal fatigue, as this can further aggravate your adrenals, but that’s a topic for another day).

5. Get plenty of sunshine! Not only will light in the morning make you more alert throughout the day, but will promote better sleep at night! As well as early morning light, aim to get sunshine during the day to promote healthy vitamin D levels. Vitamin D plays an important role in boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation, stimulating weight loss, promoting strong bones and making you feel happier!

6. Get more SLEEP! Sleep is not just for the weak. Sleep is an essential self care practice, especially for Mums! How do you perform when your baby or kids have kept you up all night? Not so great right? Women aren’t equipped to deal with stress the same way men are, and sleep is a great way to re-balance the body, repair and renew for a new day. Sleeping also allows your body to fast, so that it has time to break down nutrients you’ve consumed the day before, and clear out the excess waste.

7. Make yourself a delicious beverage and savour every. Single. Sip. Yes I know, it’s easier said then done with kids, because they will find you wherever you go! But set some boundaries just once during the day… Mumma can’t be interrupted until the glass or cup is empty (unless it’s an emergency obviously). Enjoy a nice cosy cocoa, a latte (matcha, mermaid, turmeric etc), or a cool kombucha. Not only are you embracing your taste sensations and taking a moment to relax, but each of these superfood drinks will help balance different hormone responses throughout the body.

8. Clean out your social media feed. I know it can be a tedious task, but you’ll feel so much lighter once it’s done! Clean out anyone or any group/ page that doesn’t light you up and inspire you. So that next time you’re scrolling your feed, all you will get is content that inspires you and makes you happy.

9. Journal. Buy a pretty notebook and pen, and make it just yours for this special practice. Writing down your thoughts, feelings & frustrations onto paper helps you move through those emotions, gain clarity, and helps you understand yourself better.

10. Hygge up your space – atmosphere is everything! Have fun with the day to day… make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY! Stop holding onto that special dining set, or those special candles… use them! Fancy up your dining table, every night or once a week… but make it fun, make it special. Dim the lights, light the candles, use the fancy silverware, play soft music…. If you were having the queen, or your favourite celebrity over for dinner, how would you treat them? Really think about what ambience you would create… Then go and create it for yourself! Because YOU are the most special person in your life! X Special lady, you deserve this and so much more. So make it yours. Stop wishing and waiting for things to change, when you hold the power right there within yourself to feel blessed and balanced in everything that you do!

Sophie xx

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