Meet Sophie

Certified Personal Trainer | Women's Health Coach   Breathwork & Meditation Teacher

Are you a tired mum, feeling cranky and just “touched out” on a daily basis? Because Same! Well in the past anyway!

I get it, I SEE you, I WAS you once upon a time. Doing the daily grind, the same thing everyday… caring for the children, going to work, trying to fit in the housework, cooking dinner, driving the kids to activities… let alone time for me to do the things I wanted to do! Mum life is hard! I totally get it. 

HOWEVER, I have found that by taking the time to connect to myself, to exercise, to eat right, and to plan my weeks around taking care of ME, that not only have I flourished and bloomed, but my family has benefited too! 

I have so much more energy, I used to look at other mum's playing with their kids, walking to the park, or walking to school and walking home, I was jealous of their life… but I AM that mum now, and you can be too!

It takes a few simple building blocks to start building the life that you want! Can you imagine it? Being true to yourself, knowing your wants and needs and being able to communicate this to your partner and family, having more stable moods, and having less pain (if any pain at all) when you have your period? Because all of this IS possible!

After I had children, not only was I experiencing painful periods, but I was getting pain around ovulation and bloating all the way through to menstruation… little did I know that it didn’t have to be this way!

If you are feeling any of these emotions, or experiencing these physical symptoms, know that you are not alone.. so many more women are suffering silently, and I was one of them. Until one day I KNEW something had to change… if you’re ready to make that change too, then let’s have a chat about finding a solution that works for you. Let me help you discover life can be truly beautiful when you have the right tools for YOUR body.