My mission is to help Mum’s to achieve their health and fitness goals through living more holistic lifestyles. Using fitness, cycle synching, breathwork & meditation to reach optimal health & happiness.

I am teaching Mum’s how to be fierce, to be brave and to live their healthiest lives.

Meet Sophie

Certified Personal Trainer, Women's Health Coach, Breathwork & Meditation facilitator.

I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children, who are fiery, energetic little beings.  

After having my first child, I had lost myself to motherhood. Sleepless nights, doing everything for the “baby”, I was stuck in Groundhog Day… for 4 years!

It wasn’t until the birth of my second child, that I knew something had to change, and so I went on a big health & fitness journey. This journey was to help find “me” again, to gain confidence, to love my body again, to learn the strengths within myself, and know that anything was possible. This is what ultimately led me to pursue personal training, women's health, breathwork & meditation, and why I will continue learning not only for myself, but so I can help mothers feel stronger both physically & mentally every single day!

While making changes in my own health I became happier, more energetic, and my energy could definitely rival my children's energy! Now what parent wouldn't want to be as energetic as their kids?! NONE I tell you, EVERY mother wants or needs more energy!

My family could finally have the best of me… I wasn’t battling a change in moods when my period was set to come around, I wasn’t the raging monster living in the cupboard reaching for the snacks to help me feel better & I felt more calm - even when the kids are so lovingly screaming at each other at witching hour (or any other time of day for that matter, haha)

If you want somebody who understands you, a friend and ally to help you reach your goals too, lets start creating building blocks in your life to live intentionally, know your own body and finally be the happy healthy mum you always wanted to be!


What I Specialise In

Personal Training
(Face to Face

Small group training
2-4 people

Adopting a holistic Healthy Lifestyle

Women's Hormone Health Guidance
(Better periods)

Breathwork & Meditation

(Feel more calm & relaxed)

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